What is Flix UP?

Flix Up is what we like to call an "Imagineography Experience". A place where you can go to let your imagination be free. It's a place where you can take pictures and make videos, that express who you really are, with no one judging you or unsolicited staring. Everyone is here to have fun. Visit one of our studios and see how we have created an enjoyable, comfortable and courteous community for the everyday selfie enthusiasts and aspiring photographer as well as the hardcore professional artists and models. Our spaces provide a clean, esthetically pleasing environment that helps your creative juices flow.

Flix up! A whole new way to have fun with your friends, family and even strangers you've just met. Nothing brings people together like a selfie. Everybody loves having fun. We also have an event room, so you can share the fun with even more people.

How do I Flix Up?

Inside our Flix Up studios, you will find spacious rooms and backdrops that allow you to take pictures with friends and or selfies, using our creative designs and themes, along with your imagination. Bring your camera and or your cell phone and be prepared to have fun. You can even bring your own photographer. We welcome professionals as well as amateur photography enthusiasts. We have changing rooms too, so you can really put that imagination into overdrive. Bring different outfits to do your thing. We have many different lighting choices to go along with our spacious and easily accessible sceneries. We want everyone who comes to Flix Up, to feel comfortable in our clean friendly environment. Flix Up is a great place for all types of gatherings. Including bachelor and Bachelorette parties, baby showers, birthdays and birthday parties, office parties, retirement parties. You can bring any of your holiday events to Flix Up. Imagine, the family Christmas or Thanksgiving photo will never be the same. You can Flix Up for dates too. How about Flix'n Up for just plain ole get togethers or simply hanging out. You can't go wrong when you find a reason to Flix Up!

Ask about our special event rooms.

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